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Procedure Pack

Surgical Solution is renowned for being a leading provider and distributor of high quality stainless steel surgical instruments whilst offering an excellent level of customer service. We provide an extensive range of General Surgery, Dermatology, ENT and Gynaecology products including single use surgical instruments and bespoke procedure packs.

Surgical Solution maintains a high reputation in the UK Market with our customers within the NHS and the Private Healthcare Sector. We ensure all our single use and reusable products are packaged in a cleanroom environment after undergoing stringent quality control measures and are offered with full ‘trace me’ functionality.

Procedure Packs

We have a collection of Procedure Packs which are used in Hospitals and Clinics across the UK, that provide clients with a quality range of sterile components designed for all basic procedures . It’s likely that we can supply the packs you need now because we already supply them elsewhere.

However we can also work with you to create bespoke surgical procedure packs to match the full range of clinical procedures that our clients may undertake.

NB Please note that this is dependent on annual usage.

The need to improve quality and deliver care more efficiently has never been greater. Using an Surgical Solution disposable procedure pack will standardise session start up and operative practice. It can reduce hidden costs such as multiple delivery charges associated with ordering separate components and the need to pay several invoices. It can create efficiency for a department or hospital due to managing and stocking fewer items thereby eliminating the need to manage hundreds of components.

With a fully trained and experienced team we can customize procedure packs to our clients’ exact specifications.

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We understand the needs of clinics and theaters not requiring a full procedure pack all the time, as a result we also offer a complete range of instruments ranging from Drapes to Dental Syringes all in boxes of 10. Our complete range of instruments offered in box can be found on our Single Instruments page.

Our range of instruments in both procedure packs and single instruments are of Reusable quality – why should quality be compromised!