We offer a range of Forceps:

  • EU-200 Forcep Adson Toothed 12cm
  • EU-202 Iris Toothed Forcep 11cm
  • EU-205 Forcep Adson Non Toothed 12cm
  • EU-206 Dissecting TOE Forcep 12.5cm
  • EU-207 Treves Toothed Forcep 12.5cm
  • EU-208 St Martin Toothed Forcep 8.5cm
  • EU-209 Iris Non Toothed Forcep 11cm
  • EU-210 Forcep Eppendorf Biopsy 8
  • EU-211 Mosquito Straight 10cm
  • EU-212 Crocodile Forcep Fine
  • EU-213 Tilley Aural Forcep 15cm
  • EU-215 Tischler Morgan Biopsy Forcep
  • EU-216 Braun Tenaculum Forcep
  • EU-217 Schroeder Tenaculum Forcep 25cm
  • EU-218 Schroeder Tenaculum Curved Forcep 25cm
  • EU-219 Teale Tenaculum Forcep
  • EU-220 Tenaculum Straight Forcep 25cm
  • EU-221 Kurihara Forcep
  • EU-223 Forcep Adson Brown 12cm
  • EU-224 Jayles Toothed Forcep 10.5cm
  • EU-225 Birks SutureTying Forcep 11cm

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