We offer a range of Scissors:

  • EU-300 Iris Scissor Straight 10cm
  • EU-3001001 Iris Scissor Straight 10cm TC
  • EU-3001002 Westcott Scissor Curved Sharp 12cm TC
  • EU-3001003 Iris Scissor Curved 10cm TC
  • EU-3001004 Tenetomy Scissor Fine Curved 11.5cm TC
  • EU-302 Tenotomy Scissor Fine Curved 11.5cm
  • EU-303 Strabismus Scissor Curved 11.5cm
  • EU-304 Dressing Scissor Sharp-Blunt 13cm
  • EU-305 Iris Scissor Curved 10cm
  • EU-306 Iris Scissor Straight 11.5cm
  • EU-307 Dressing Scissor Straight-Sharp 13cm
  • EU-308 Metzenbaum Scissor Curved 20.5cm
  • EU-309 Metzenbaum Scissor Curved 14.5cm
  • EU-310 Metzenbaum Scissor Straight 18.5cm
  • EU-311 Metzenbaum Scissor Straight 14cm
  • EU-312 Mayo Scissor Straight 14.5cm
  • EU-313 Westcott Scissor Curved Sharp 12cm
  • EU-314 Stevens Scissor Straight Blunt 11.5cm
  • EU-315 Knap Scissor Straight Blunt 11.5cm

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